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Crumpets kick scones' arse

To be a laboratory

Parking lot palm bed 2.25
We cannot change the culture in which we live except - as Gandhi once suggested - by being the change we want to see happen. So the only way to go forward is to look at ourselves, at our needs, at what it is to be a human being; to work out, for ourselves, the optimum way to live, to live in health, harmony, and accord with other creatures in the web of life. Each of us has to be an inventor, a creator, a discoverer of the right way for human to live. Thus each of our lives become a laboratory for a new experiment. Once you begin to see it this way, you realize just what an exciting project it is... We are pioneers - together you and I - and many, many others who are traveling in the same direction. 

- Marian Van Eyk McCain

[Parking lot garden - phase 2, part 1: Clearing out the weeds while keeping the soil off the sidewalk]


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