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Rutabaga Oven-Fries

Rutabaga fries
What to do with a rutabaga? Or many rutabagas? Most recipes encourage using them like potatoes - mashed or baked, but we though they might go over better with our guests as "fries." We peeled them, sliced them, and cut them into french fry-style strips. After tossing them with olive oil and kosher salt, we baked them at 450 degrees in a single layer on a baking steet for about 15 minutes, turning over with a spatula halfway through. They looked a lot like french fries, but with a slight turnip-y texture, and some extra sweetness. We served them "homemade Ranch dressing" (equal parts mayo and sour cream with garlic salt and onion powder to taste - and a little parsley). There were lots of requests for seconds! 

[For another way to use rutabagas, substitute them for the beets in this recipe.]


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Yum! I just pulled a bunch of rutabagas out of my garden and oven fried a few after reading your post. Thanks for the idea!

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