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Simple and Good: Tomatoes in Tabouli


We've had quite the "Indian Summer" this fall which, in general, I don't like much. But the lingering of summertime vegetables helps dull the pain a little. Some summer tomatoes are still fruiting and fall ones are on their way. This kind of weather, which we've had up till today (it is 18 degrees cooler upstairs than it was this time yesterday - a brisk and welcome 61 degrees) has just begged for salads.

So on Tuesday we dined on arugula and romaine salad, the last of the goat cheese on bread, and sweet tabouli. Tabouli is as cool to make as it is to eat - no cooking, even of the grain!

And, may I add that it's nice on a week like this to ponder how some things - like sweet, red tomatoes popping out of vines - are just plain good. No deep reflecting, sifting, or ruminating required to see that. We all enjoyed them.

Good ol' Tabouli

2 cups cracked wheat (aka bulgher wheat)
2 cups hot, nearly boiling, water
a basket of cherry tomatoes, quartered or sliced
1/2 cup mint, chopped
1 1/2 cups parsley, chopped, if you have it (we didn't)
1/2 cup lemon juice
some olive oil (the recipes I have seen always call for more than I'm interested in adding; just a few tablespoons works for us). Pour water over wheat and wait about 30 minutes till wheat is softened. Add remaining ingredients, serve at room temperature


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