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March Beet, Carrot, and Goat Cheese Salad ~

I've mentioned before that I'm not a beet-lover, more of an admirer. Like turnips, they're pretty to look at, and they also share a nice solid history of bringing substance and nutrition to the soups and stews of those who couldn't afford much else. I respect this in a vegetable.

But beets have an earthy taste that is a little off-putting to me for some reason. I find them much sweeter - and prettier - raw.  I was able to use them in a delicious, almost-all-local lunch salad today. 

March Beet, Carrot, and Goat Cheese Salad

  • green and red lettuce leaves
  • grated carrot
  • grated beets
  • a few  of last fall's pecans
  • a little local goat cheese
  • kidney beans - optional, but I had some left over from soup and they helped transform the salad into a full lunch
  • vinaigrette (my favorite combines equal parts rice vinegar and vegetable oil with a bit of salt)

Except for the goat cheese and kidney beans, it's all at the farmers market now. I buy the kidneys in bulk from Ward's. And the local cheese... I'm really lucky to have a friend with goats!


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Well, as one of the beet's greatest fans, I say totally "yum" to that salad. If I ever get a goat, I will learn to make cheese. Swoon.


Too bad you don't live closer, I'd hook you up with my supplier. The cheese is so good - and she delivers!

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