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Kid-Friendly Casserole

Peeling a potato
Riley helps with dinner

On my recipe card for this is written this note: "Anna loves this - 1994." In fact, every kid in my life (past and present) has seemed to enjoy this. And this is the right time of year for oven-baked food.  This recipe uses local veggies available now at the farmers market: potatoes (we're at the end of the sweet potato season, the very beginning of the white - either works) and cabbage (or another mild, quick-cooking green like spinach or kale could substitute).  

This went well and looked nice with a green salad made with "spicy salad mix" from Mrs. Carlisle at the Saturday market, dolled up with a few sliced, leftover boiled eggs and a splash of vinaigrette. Very nice.

Late-Winter Potato Casserole

2 potatoes per person
about 1/4 as much cabbage as you have potatoes (4 cups chopped potatoes = 1 cup shredded cabbage)
Butter or olive oil
A little milk, buttermilk, yogurt, vegetable broth, or potato water
Grated cheese (optional)


Shred cabbage by slicing it very thinly in pieces no longer than 2 inches or so.  Chop potatoes (peeled or not) and cover with salted water; bring to a boil then lower and cook till tender. While potatoes are boiling, saute cabbage in butter, olive oil or a mix of the two until tender.

Mash potatoes with enough liquid (options listed above) to make them the consistency you would  like them.  Mix in cooked cabbage. Put mixture in lightly oiled or buttered casserole dish.

Cover with grated cheese if desired and place in medium oven (350 degrees) till cheese melts. Or serve without the oven step if you are not using cheese.

Riley contributed one seriously peeled potato.
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