• I’m a sixth generation North Floridian, and in this space I share my love of things that grow here, the people that grow them, and some of my favorite ways to serve them. "What we need is here," Wendell Berry tells us. I believe it.

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kelli, my mom's recipe for both the filling and crust is very similar. you're right about the crust---it does make a difference! even on the days when i don't think i get it quite right it is infinitely better than any other crust! we'll be making it on thanksgiving for sure, and a new pie i discovered this fall- butternut squash rather than pumpkin- as the bnut squash has been a regular in the csa box this last month.

in case the next couple days get busy with cleaning and cooking and giving thanks together, i just want to say thank you for your posts. i really enjoyed the wendell berry poem btw. have a wonderful thanksgiving and save room for the pie!

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