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Blueberry Season!


It's just the beginning of a season that will last at least a month. We are lucky to have blueberry farms all around our area - a number of them u-pick and organic.  "Pick Your Own" is a nice website with locations and phone numbers of farms open to u-pickers. 

Blueberry picking is a great activity for the whole family. The weather's still pretty nice early in the morning, and the bushes are thornless and not easily damaged by little ones.  Picking wild blueberries as a child and later at farms with my children - as well as with school children on field trips - are some of my happiest May memories.  And what a great way to turn children on to the goodness of local food. 


This week I bought organic blueberries at the 441 market for $4/pint - which is still a better deal than an equivalent amount of Ben and Jerry's.  And quite a bit healthier.  They're considered a "super food" - anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, etc., etc.  Although after reading Michael Pollan's book, I don't know how much credence to give the latest food fad.  I do know this: they're good, they're local, they're even beatuiful. We're going to be eating a lot of them over the next month.

This is part of the joy of eating locally. We can look forward to blueberry season like we do to a holiday that comes around each year. We appreciate them all the more because we don't have them all the time.  Go celebrate! 


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Devadeva Mirel

ok. you are actually making me look forward to our move. thanks!

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