• I’m a sixth generation North Floridian, and in this space I share my love of things that grow here, the people that grow them, and some of my favorite ways to serve them. "What we need is here," Wendell Berry tells us. I believe it.

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Very nicely written. I will definitely be sending one of my own.


I'm not sure how I found your blog but have been subscribing to it on my blog reader and enjoying it for maybe over a year now... Saw that you're from Plantation so I felt the need as a fellow South Floridian to say Hi! I grew up in Davie and make several trips back every year to visit my family and friends.

Sheila B.

What an excellent letter. Your personal touch, and elements of educating the reader on a more just food system, would have some impact, I hope. Keep up the good work!

Sheila B.


When I lived in Ireland one of the politicians there irked the European Union and the local government by stating that Irish society (and western society as a whole) relies on inequality for its very existence.

Simply put, the rich few need the poor majority to stay poor in order to sustain their high standard of living, low prices, etc.

It is an unrealistic expectation, but in order to enfranchise the poorest two-thirds of humanity will require a significant shift in mindset, values and lifestyle for the wealty third...


Thanks for your thoughtful responses, fellow Floridian and others. I think you are right, Robert, that there is a lot more work to be done within ourselves and our system than offering only a penny a pound more. One wants to think that the awareness these campaigns bring about regarding the injustices we build our comfortable lives on will penetrate someone. There's a lot of work - and change - to be done.

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