• I’m a sixth generation North Floridian, and in this space I share my love of things that grow here, the people that grow them, and some of my favorite ways to serve them. "What we need is here," Wendell Berry tells us. I believe it.

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Waste Wear Daily

Funny you should mention weeds. I was going to ask you if you knew that oxalis was edible. You already knew and have given me another...smilax. Now my turn again. Did you know that Spiderwort is edible? Michael from the Edible plant project was selling some.


I did hear about spiderwort, but I'm not sure how to prepare it. I have heard the gooey insides of its stem are good for ant bites. I love finding out ways to use all this wild stuff. What a waste to have been pulling and tossing it all these years!

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